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The phases of skill development required to progress in this area are detailed to the left. Take your time to read through and see where you are currently at and where you would like to be.

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Relevant workshops:

'Think Ahead: 'Be better than boring bullet points'
DDP: 'Presenting Yourself and Data at Conferences' (MDN6002) -open to MDH, Engineering and Science Faculties only
DDP: 'Effective Presentation and Seminar Participation' (MED605) -open to MDH and Science Faculties only
DDP: 'Speaking Skills for Research Purposes' (ELT6060)-intended principally for students whose first language is not English

Activities to develop Communication Methods:

3 Minute Thesis Competition for PGR students to explain their thesis in 3 minutes to a non expert
The Kroto Research Inspiration Poster Competition aimed at Postgraduate or Early Career Researchers in a non academic position
Research Photography Competition open to staff and students

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Communicating effectively

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Emotional Intelligence

Developing Strong "People Skills"

Building rapport

Establishing Bonds

How to be a more engaging speaker

Learning to Connect With Others One-On-One

WordPress Essential Training

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Presenting at Conferences

Bookboon - free downloadable book

Communicating with Confidence course: Topics include: •Organizing your thoughts, •Speaking slowly, naturally, and confidently, •Breathing properly, •Using your body to reinforce speech, •Managing facial expressions,•Handling nervousness, •Integrating voice modulation, eye co

Ready to Research resources

Use of New Technologies in Dissemination and Publication.

Example of excellent communication of research from a 3 Minute Thesis Winner

Three Minute Thesis (3MT) 2013 QUT winner - Megan Pozzi