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The phases of skill development required to progress in this area are detailed to the left. Take your time to read through and see where you are currently at and where you would like to be.

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Career Management page of the Researcher Portal
v i s t a mentoring and seminarsgetting the facts on careers beyond academia

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Career development

University of Sheffield Useful Guide Library

The Careerwise Researcher

A Vitae publication sharing how to develop your career management skills and get the right job for you.

Resource Description
Finding Career Direction

Discover Yourself and Your Purpose

Developing a career strategy

Creating Your Ideal Career

Identifying career opportunities

Setting Yourself Up for Success - Careers Advice section

Here you can view more than 600 career articles helping you to find a job, manage your career, learn how to write a CV, find out about working abroad, conduct a salary comparison, get interview tips and much more.

theguardian - "Anonymous Academic" series

An article with the title, "Early career academics would be better off working in ‘less prestigious’ unis."

'Science Careers' from the Journal Science

An article with the title, "Faculty Positions: Seeking the Skills for a Successful Career in Academia."

EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion

This is a unique pan-European initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to pursue their research careers in Europe or stay connected to it.

Nature jobs

An online search for employment opportunities.

Naturejobs Career Community

An open forum for the sharing of expert advice and opinion on developing a career in science.

FindAPostDoc website

An online search for employment opportunities.

NewScientist jobs

An online search for employment opportunities.